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Crack Testing of Earthmoving Rims

In accordance with The Department of Mines and Energy's recommendations as per Standard Details from The Australian Standard AS4457.1-2007 Earth Moving machinery – Off Highway rims and wheels – Maintenance and Repair.


Rims over 22" should be crack tested regularly, stamped and certified.


We provide AINDT Mag Particle Testing inspection method on earthmoving rims for the detection of surface and sub-surface indications in ferrous materials, Corrosion and fretting between mating parts of a rim assembly can produce surface irregularities that may result in crack initiation sites and ultimate fracture of a rim part. Rims should be monitored and documented in a "Rim Register" on site and this register should be ready and available for inspection at anytime.


Testing intervals in line with these recommendations are 5,000 hours for a new rim and every 3,000 hours thereafter.